3,3'-Dipropylthiacarbocyanine iodide

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Membrane potential sensitive dye for monitoring changes in the cellular and mitochondrial membrane potential in vivo.

This dye can exhibit fluorescence changes of up to 80% upon membrane hyperpolarization (where the inside of the cell becomes more negative). The fluorescence emission and excitation (EX = 556 nm; EM = 575nm in MeOH; EX = 520 nm, EM = 595nm in water) are in the red region of the visible spectrum, allowing co-staining with other viability stains.

Technical Data
SKU M1331
CAS Number 53336-12-2
Unit Size 250mg
Alternative Names DiSC₃(3)
Absorption 556nm
Emission Wavelength 575
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₂₃H₂₅IN₂S₂
Molecular Weight 520.49
Soluble In MeOH, CH2Cl2
Storage Conditions Room Temperature, Protect From Light

References and Citations


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