4-Hydrazino-7-nitrobenzofurazane hydrazine adduct

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Fluorescent derivatization reagent useful for aliphatic aldehyde detection including labeling of reducing carbohydrates.

This NBD derivative has found use in aliphatic aldehyde detection including labeling of reducing carbohydrates in both TLC and HPLC analysis methods.

Technical Data
SKU M1025
CAS Number 131467-87-3
Unit Size 25mg
Alternative Names NBD-hydrazine
Emission Wavelength 522
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₆H₅N₅O₃ · NH₂NH₂
Molecular Weight 227.18
Storage Conditions 2-8C, Desiccated
Notes Ex= 445nm. EX/EM after derivatization with formaldehyde

References and Citations


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