4-Methylumbelliferyl 4-guanidinobenzoate hydrochloride hydrate

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Spectrofluorometric titrant for chymotrypsin, trypsin, thrombin, and factor Xa.

This fluorogenic substrate is useful for highly sensitive detection of multiple serine proteases including chymotrypsin, trypsin, thrombin, and factor Xa. The product of enzyme reaction is 4-methylumbelliferone with λem 445 nm when excited at λex 365 nm.

Technical Data
SKU M1065
CAS Number 34197-46-1
Unit Size 100mg
Alternative Names 4-Guanidinobenzoic acid 4-methylumbelliferyl ester hydrochloride
Absorption 360nm
Emission Wavelength 449
Extinction 19
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₁₈H₁₅N₃O₄ · HCl · xH₂O
Molecular Weight 373.79
Soluble In DMF, DMSO
Storage Conditions 2-8C, Desiccated, Protect From Light
Notes Abs/Em/E of 4-Methylumbelliferone

References and Citations


  • De Oliveira DM, Law RH, Ly D, Cook SM, Quek AJ, McArthur JD, Whisstock JC, Sanderson-Smith ML. (2015) "Preferential Acquisition and Activation of Plasminogen Glycoform II by PAM Positive Group A Streptococcal Isolates." Biochemistry.54(25):3960-8.
  • Cook SM, Skora A, Gillen CM, Walker MJ, McArthur JD. (2012) "Streptokinase variants from Streptococcus pyogenes isolates display altered plasminogen activation characteristics - implications for pathogenesis." Mol Microbiol. 86(5):1052-62.
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  • "Determination of the operational molarity of solutions of bovine alpha-chymotrypsin, trypsin, thrombin and factor Xa by spectrofluorimetric titration." Jameson GW, Roberts DV, Adams RW, Kyle WS, Elmore DT. Biochem J. 131(1): 107-117 (1973).
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