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Amphiphilic fluorescent probe useful in monitoring membrane lipid behavior and fluorescence resonance energy transfer applications.

This ambiphilic florescent probe is useful in monitoring membrane lipid behavior and fluorescence resonance energy transfer applications in live cells, labeling cell membranes with a bright green emission at 520 nm when excited at 490 nm.

Technical Data
SKU M1073
CAS Number 110698-53-8
Unit Size 100mg
Alternative Names 5-(Stearoylamino)fluorescein
Absorption 497nm
Emission Wavelength 520
Extinction 84
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₃₈H₄₇NO₆
Molecular Weight 613.78
Soluble In Acetonitrile, DMSO, EtOH
Storage Conditions 2-8C, Protect From Light

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