Fluorescent and Luminescent Tools for Life Science

5-(Iodoacetamido)fluorescein (CAS 63368-54-7)

Application: Excellent thiol reactive fluorescein derivative for synthesis of fluorescently labeled organelles, proteins and peptides at or near their physiological pH values (pH 7) including enzymes (e.g. (Na, K)-ATPase) or organelles like nucleii and nuclear matrices. Labels thiol groups on proteins specifically and efficiently.

CAS Number: 63368-54-7

Molecular Weight: 515.3

Molecular Formula: C22H14INO6

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M0638 25 mg 1-4 $70.97
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Ex=490-496 nm

Technical Information

Storage: F, D, L

Soluble: DMSO, DMF, water (pH six+)

Emission: (in nm) 520

Extinction (103): 75


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