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MarkerGene™ Long Wavelength Fluorescent Lipase Assay Kit

Application: Allows fast and easy measurement of lipase activity in vitro, in cell preparations or in vivo using the long wavelength substrate resorufin oleate.

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Lipases are a family of enzymes that release fatty acids from triacylglycerols in a site specific manner. Most lipases have optimum activity for the primary ester groups of triglycerides, while some lipases remove fatty acyl groups from either the C-1 or C-3 acyl positions. The substrate is typically not a single molecule, but a nonaqueous phase of aggregated lipid. Lipase activity, ubiquitous among most cells, can be monitored using our long wavelength fluorescent substrate, resorufin oleate(M1208) contained in the kit. Upon cleavage, the fluorescent compound, resorufin (M0202) is released and activity measurements are easily obtained either in vitro, in cell preparations, or in vivo. The kit contains enough substrate for numerous assays and control experiments, and also contains reference standards and a detailed protocol for use. See the references below for more information and applications.


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