Avidin sulforhodamine 101 conjugate (Texas Red® Avidin equivalent)

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Used in coupled biotin-labeling assays. Since the excitation (595 nm) and emission (615 nm) maxima are well separated from those of fluorescein, this highly fluorescent conjugate can be employed with other fluorescein or coumarin conjugates to simultaneously localize two or three antigens in the same tissue section.

Fluorescein, Texas Red™ as well as TAMRA conjugates of Avidin and Streptavidin have become increasingly useful for DNA and RNA microarray analyses, as a method of detecting biotin-labeled antibodies, or in ELISA assays. Marker Gene's Texas Red™ Avidin is a highly fluorescent conjugate of Avidin and sulforhodamine 101. Texas Red™ Avidin is ideal for flow cytometry applications using instruments equipped with dye lasers. The great affinity of avidin for D-biotin (Ka = 10-15/M) provides for a great number of applications in biochemistry (immunoassays, receptor and histochemical studies, bacteriophage inhibitions). This fluorescently labeled avidin conjugate combines stoichiometrically with biotin, having 4-biotin binding sites per avidin molecule. In addition, the Texas Red™ Avidin is a highly cationic glycoprotein that can selectively bind to a component in human and murine mast cell granules in fixed-cell preparations, and can thus be used to identify mast cells in normal and diseased human tissue without requiring a biotinylated probe.

Technical Data
SKU M1124
Unit Size 5mg
Alternative Names Texas Red® Avidin
Absorption 595nm
Emission Wavelength 615
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Weight 67000
Soluble In H2O, aqueous buffers
Storage Conditions -20C, Desiccated, Protect From Light

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