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A versatile marker used in neuroanatomical investigations and biotinidase assays. Has been shown to transport and recycle biotin in vivo.

Biocytin is a Chromogenic, fixable with aldehyde-based fixatives, transneuronal tracer Molecule which is covelantly biotinylated with amino acid (L-Lysine) and it can be introduced into cells by microinjection. The primary amine on the lysine can be coupled to aldehydes/ketones to form a Schiff base – which can be reduced with sodium borohydride (NaBH4) or sodium cyanoborohydride (NaCNH3) to form a stable drivative. Carboxylic acids of proteins and other water-soluble molecules can be coupled to this molecule in aqueous solution using water-soluble carbodiimides such as EDAC

Technical Data
SKU M4275
CAS Number 576-19-2
Unit Size 100mg
Alternative Names ε-Biotinoyl-L-lysine
Molecular Formula C16H28N4O4S
Molecular Weight 372.5
Soluble In DMSO, DMF, Chloroform
Storage Conditions -20C, protect from light, dessicate

References and Citations


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