Biotin-dextran (70,000 MW)

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Membrane impermeant dextran conjugate containing covalently attached biotin molecules (Vitamin H) making it useful in streptavidin/avidin assay systems.

This membrane impermeant dextran conjugate can be loaded into cells using either microinjection or by hypoosmotic shock. The attached biotins are commonly used haptens that can be detected by using its strong affinity for the proteins avidin (from egg white) or streptavidin. This conjugate contains approximately 12 biotin groups/dextran (based on amine assay; with approx. 1 amine/40 glucose residues). The excess amino groups are not capped, and they can be further labeled with a fluorophore, or can be fixed in place with formaldehyde, lysine or glutaraldehyde, allowing subsequent tissue processing, such as sectioning, if desired. Note that dextrans of molecular weight less than 100K, can be taken up by plant cells through endocytosis, and thus this derivative can be used to monitor such internalization events. See references below for further information on the use of this standard biotin conjugate.

Technical Data
SKU M0788
Unit Size 10mg
Molecular Weight 73400
Soluble In H2O, DMSO
Storage Conditions 2-8C, Desiccated
Notes White solid

References and Citations


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