MarkerGene™ Biotin-X Antibody/Protein Labeling Kit

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This kit is designed for efficient biotinylation of antibodies and other proteins and analysis after conjugation.

This kit contains the reactive probe biotin-X succinimidyl ester, which reacts with primary amines of proteins, antibodies or other biomolecules to form stable biotin conjugates. The long spacer (X) between the biotin and the reactive group in biotin-X succinimidyl ester enhances the ability of the conjugated biotin to interact with avidin and streptavidin. Also included in the kit are a gel filtration spin-column to purify the biotinylated protein from any excess biotin as well as detection reagents for quantitating the degree of biotinylation and a control. This kit contains sufficient reagents for at least five biotinylation reactions.

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