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Widely used fluorescent calcium indicator.

Calcein, also known as fluorexon, is a fluorescent dye with excitation and emission wavelengths of 495/515 nm, respectively. Calcein self-quenches at concentrations above 70mM and is commonly used as an indicator of lipid vesicle leakage. It is also been used as a complexometric indicator for titration of calcium ions with EDTA, and for fluorometric determination of calcium. Calcein can also be used for study of endocytosis

Technical Data
SKU M1545
CAS Number 1461-15-0
Unit Size 25mg
Alternative Names Fluorexon, Fluorescein-bis(methyliminodiacetic acid)
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₃₀H₂₆N₂O₁₃
Molecular Weight 622.53
Storage Conditions Room Temperature

References and Citations


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  • Bandrowski JF, Benson CL. (1972) "Investigation of the use of calcein in the ultramicro fluorometric determination of calcium in serum." Clinical Chemistry 18(11) 1411-1414.
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