Casein-FITC conjugate

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A conjugated protein substrate used for fluorometric measurement of protease activity in vitro or for use in endocytosis labeling and analysis.

Casein is a naturally occurring protein in milk that is suitable as a general substrate for a myriad of proteases. Labeled with multiple fluorescent dyes, Calein-FITC conjugate exhibits significant fluorescence quenching. Protease-catalyzed hydrolysis releases highly fluorescent-labeled peptides; the accompanying increase in fluorescence is proportional to protease activity and can be conveniently measured in a continuous assay format using a fluorometer equipped with an appropriate (fluorescein) filter set (EX/EM= 490/520 nm).

Technical Data
SKU M1315
Unit Size 5mg
Absorption 480
Emission Wavelength 520
Detection Method Fluorescence
Storage Conditions F, D

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