5(6)-Carboxy-2',7'-dichlorofluorescein diacetate, succinimidyl ester

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Amine-Reactive probe

Amine-Reactive probe which passively diffuses into cells and is nonfluorescent until acetate groups are cleaved by intracellular esterases to yield the highly fluorescent, amine-reactive fluorophore. Upon reaction with amine-containing residues of intracellular proteins, these probes form dye protein adducts that are well retained in cells as they move and divide during embryonic development.

Technical Data
SKU M4311
CAS Number 147265-60-9
Unit Size 25 mg
Alternative Names 5(6)-CDCFDA, SE
Absorption 512
Extinction 105000
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C29H17Cl2NO11
Molecular Weight 626.35
Soluble In DMSO, DMF, Methanol, Acetonitrile, Chloroform
Storage Conditions -20C, protect from light, dessicate

References and Citations


  • Stoeckli ET, Sonderegger P, Pollerberg GE, Landmesser LT. (1997)"Interference with axonin-1 and NrCAM interactions unmasks a floor-plate activity inhibitory for commissural axons." Neuron 18, 209-221
  • Brandes R, Bers DM. (1996)"Increased work in cardiac trabeculae causes decreased mitochondrial NADH fluorescence followed by slow recovery." Biophys J 71, 1024-1035
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