Cell Health Kits

Great science starts with great cells. Make sure your cultured cells are happy and healthy with these easy to use kits to monitor 

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several aspects of cell health.


Cell Viability ►

 One of the most important aspects of cell health is cell viabilty, the viability of the cells can have a great effect on the sucess of subsequent assays performed on the cells. If cell viability is too low results may be skewed due to the presence of a large number of dead cells that do not perform as expected.

MarkerGene™ kits provide easy to use protocols for quick measurement of cell viability using either fluorescence or luminescent detection methods. Multiple fluorescent colors are available to ensure compatibility with different instrumentation and fluorescent proteins.


Cell Proliferation ►

Cell proliferation is the balance between cell division and cell death and results in an increase in cell numbers. Monitoring of proliferation rate in cells is important as changes in the rate of proliferation is often indicative of changes to underlying cell health.

Cell Proliferation kits are available to monitor the rate of cell growth using both fluorescent and luminescent detection.


Senescence ►

Senescence is the process under which non-imortalized cell cultures cease to divide upon reaching the Hayflick limit. The measurement and detection of cellular senescence is important as senescent cells are no longer undergoing the same metabolic processes and will respond differently to experimental conditions.

Senescence detection kits are available in both fluorescent and colormetric formats.


Apoptosis ►

Apoptosis or cell death is the mechanism by which cells are targeted for degredation, usually after becoming damaged or sick. Apoptotic cells display certain morphology changes and increases in certain enzymes. While undergoing apoptosis the cell may not function as expected and thus could skew experimental results.


Organelle Health ►

The health of individual Organelles within the cell can be just as important a measurement as that of overall cell health. By monitoring the health of individual organelles information about the cells metabolic rate and growth can be infered. 

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  1. MarkerGene™ Live:Dead/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit, Blue/Red Staining

    MarkerGene™ Live:Dead/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit, Blue/Red Staining


    This kit allows fast and easy measurement of both living and dead cells by measuring intracellular esterase activity (live cells) with a blue emitting dye while staining of nucleic acids in chromatin (dead cells) with a red emitting dye. Learn More

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