MarkerGene™ Flow Cytometry Cell Proliferation Analysis Kit

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This kit is used to label cells for long-term analysis of proliferation and allows the tracing of cells within cultures.

The ability to monitor cell migration, cell proliferation or to identify cells is important in numerous biological and clinical applications. Fluorescent dyes that emit at wavelengths outside of natural background fluorescence wavelengths are particularly useful for such analyses. The probe CFDA-SE which can passively diffuse into living cells, is colorless and nonfluorescent until its acetate groups are cleaved by intracellular esterase enzyme activity to produce a highly fluorescent, amine-reactive carboxyfluorescein derivative with excitation and emission spectral wavelengths at 488nm and 517 nm respectively. The succinimidyl ester group of CFDA-SE reacts with intracellular amines, forming fluorescent conjugates that are well-retained and can even be fixed using standard glutaraldehyde or paraformaldehyde based fixatives. Excess unconjugated reagent and by-products passively diffuse into the extracellular medium, where they can be easily washed away. The dye–protein adducts that form in labeled cells have been shown to be retained in cells throughout development, meiosis, or even in vivo. In addition, the fluorescence is inherited by daughter cells after cell division or cell fusion, and is not transferred to adjacent cells.

This kit provides CFDA-SE in easy to use, single use vials, allowing for convenient labeling of small volumes of sample without the need to waste reagents.

Technical Data
SKU M2709
Unit Size 1 kit
Absorption 488nm
Emission Wavelength 517nm
Detection Method Fluorescence
Storage Conditions -20°C, desiccated and protected from light

References and Citations


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