Coelenterazine (native form)

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Coelenterazine is the native form of the luminescent enzyme substrate for apoaequorin, gaussia and renilla luciferases. This substrate is also a component of our convenient assay kit, MarkerGene™ Gaussia Luciferase Cellular Assay Kit, Product M1193, for quickly measuring the luciferase activity in mammalian cell culture.

The coelenterazine/luciferase systems from Renilla, Gaussia, Aequorea and Watesenia luciferases are widely used as marker genes in a variety of cell types. This substrate, coelenterazine, is common to many of the marine bioluminescent reactions, where it is either utilized as a simple substrate, being catalytically turned over in the bioluminescent reaction, or in others, such as in the photoprotein systems of Mneiopsis, where it is incorporated as part of the photoprotein. The gaussia and renilla luciferase systems have been used as a very sensitive indicator of intracellular calcium ion concentrations, superoxide anion and peroxynitrite in cells or tissues.

Technical Data
SKU M0739
CAS Number 55779-48-1
Unit Size 50uL
Emission Wavelength 470
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₂₆H₂₁N₃O₃
Molecular Weight 423.46
Soluble In MeOH, EtOH
Storage Conditions -20C*, Desiccated, Protect From Light
Notes *2.5mM solution in acidified MeOH. Store at -80oC for long periods.

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