Cytochrome P450

The cytochrome P-450s are a large group of monooxygenase enzymes responsible for the metabolism of toxins in the body. These enzymes, requiring NADPH as a cofactor and O2 as co-substrate, are located in the endoplasmic reticulum and are highly concentrated in the liver and small intestine. Additionally, Cytochrome P-450s are also found in the mitochondrial membrane. P-450 enzymes encompass a highly diverse

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  1. 6-Chloro-indolyl β-D-glucuronic acid, lithium salt

    6-Chloro-indolyl β-D-glucuronic acid, lithium salt


    Chromogenic substrate for β-D-Glucuronidase(GUS). Learn More
  2. Resorufin 7-O-methyl ether

    Resorufin 7-O-methyl ether


    One of the most popular substrates for analysis of microsomal dealkylase and cytochrome P450 enzymes. Learn More
  3. Resorufin ethyl ether

    Resorufin ethyl ether


    Microsomal dealkylase and Cytochrome P450 enzyme substrate. Releases the red fluorophore resorufin (Abs. 571 nm; Em. 585 nm) upon enzyme reaction. Routinely used to differentiate the various cytochrome P450 isoforms. Learn More
  4. 7-Methoxycoumarin



    Fluorogenic Cytochrome P450 and microsomal dealkylase substrate for differentiation of several isoforms of these enzymes producing a blue fluorescence emission upon enzyme activity. Learn More

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