Digitonin, water-soluble

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Used for solubilization of membrane proteins and permeabilization of cellular and nuclear membranes.

Digitonin is produced from seeds of Digitalis pupurea and other Digitalis species. It is a steroid glycoside consisting of the aglycon digitogenin linked to five sugar residues. Digitonin reacts hemolytic and is toxic to humans. Reaction of naturally occurring steroids carrying a 3b-hydroxyl group with digitonin results in an insoluble precipitate. Determination of cholesterol and ergosterol. Digitonin permeabilizes plasma membranes of eukaryotic cells by complexing with membrane cholesterol and other unconjugated beta-hydroxysterols.

Technical Data
SKU M5174
CAS Number 11024-24-1
Unit Size 0.25 g
Alternative Names Digitin
Molecular Formula C56H92O29
Molecular Weight 1,229.34

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