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Protein and bacterial staining dye.

Dye that will stain proteins and bacteria orange.

Technical Data
SKU M4825
CAS Number 3626-36-6
Unit Size 1g
Detection Method Chromogenic
Molecular Formula C33 H24 N6 O9 S2 . 2 Na
Molecular Weight 758.69

References and Citations


  • Kariminiaae-Hamedaani HR, Sakurai A, Sakakibara M. (2006) "Decolorization of synthetic dyes by a new manganese peroxidase-?producing white rot fungus" Dyes and Pigments Volume 72(2), 157-162.
  • Aszalos A, Weaver JL, Pine PS. (1995) "Methods of using azo dyes and their derivatives for diagnostically detecting CD4-?positive T4 lymphocytes" US 5468469 A 19951121.
  • Mentak K. (2006) "Ultra violet, violet, and blue light filtering polymers for ophthalmic applications" U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ., US 20060252844 A1 20061109.
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