MarkerGene™ dsDNA Assay Kit-for use with the Qubit® fluorometer, 500 samples

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The assay kit measures dsDNA in solution, and is adapted for use with the Qubit® fluorometer.

The accurate quantitation of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) is critical for a wide variety of molecular biology applications. The traditional method of absorbance measurement at 260 nm (A260 nm) has several well-known disadvantages, including interference from other nucleic acids such as RNA, single-stranded DNA, and nucleotides. The A260 nm method can also be affected by contaminants of nucleic acid preparations such as proteins or phenol. The limited sensitivity and linear range of the A260 nm method (limit of detection ~100–500 ng/mL dsDNA) are further impediments to its performance when working with small amounts of DNA sample.

The MarkerGene™ dsDNA Assay Kits, M1952 (100 samples) and M2000 (500 samples), make DNA quantitation both easy and accurate. A variety of different contaminants, such as RNA, salts, free nucleotides, solvents, detergents, or proteins are well tolerated in the assay.

M1952 provides reagents for measuring up to 100 assays of 200 uL each. M2000 provides reagents for measuring up to 500 assays of 200 uL each. The figure to the left illustrates how the MarkerGene™ dsDNA assay compares to the Life Technologies Qubit® assay when used with the Qubit® fluorometer.

Technical Data
SKU M2000
Unit Size 1kit
Detection Method Fluorescence
Storage Conditions -20C

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