Ethidium homodimer (EthD-1)

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High affinity fluorescent nucleic stain. It binds to both DNA and RNA in a sequence-independent manner and with a >30-fold fluorescence enhancement.

Ethidium homodimer is a high affinity fluorescent nucleic stain. It binds to both DNA and RNA in a sequence-independent manner with a >30-fold fluorescence enhancement upon binding. The DNA binding of each ethidium homodimer molecule covers four base pairs and is believed to occur by intercalation. Because the dye is highly positively charged, it cannot cross cell membranes to stain living cells and is therefore a common "dead" cell marker used in numerous cell biology, microscopy and flow cytometry applications.

Technical Data
SKU M1093
CAS Number 61926-22-5
Unit Size 1mg
Emission Wavelength 617
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₄₆H₅₀Cl₄N₈
Molecular Weight 856.78
Soluble In DMSO, DMF
Storage Conditions -20C, Protect From Light
Notes Ex: 487/528 nm (wo/w DNA)

References and Citations


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