FAM-Leu-CMK Green FLISP™ Assay Kit - 100tests

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Quantitates intracellular chymotrypsin-like serine protease activity in vitro.

Because of their supporting role in the apoptotic process, serine protease activity will be greater in apoptotic cell populations compared to healthy cells of the same type. Quantitate intracellular chymotrypsin-like serine protease activity in vitro with the FLISP™ kits. If there is an active chymotrypsin-like enzyme inside the cell, it will covalently bind with the FLISP inhibitor, in this case FAM-Leu-CMK (FLCK), and retain the green fluorescent signal inside the cell. Cells containing lower concentrations of chymotrypsin-like enzyme activity will retain a lower level of fluorescence compared to cells containing higher concentrations of this effector enzyme component. FLISP may be used in combination with FLICA to discriminate serine protease activity from caspase activity in the same cell. Analyze results using a flow cytometer, fluorescence microscope, or fluorescence plate reader.

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SKU M2848
Unit Size 1 kit
Detection Method Fluorescence

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