Fluorescein di-β-D-glucuronide, dimethyl ester

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A cell-permeant β-glucuronidase substrate for live cell and tissue assays of cloned GUS marker gene activity and transfection levels.

Useful in plant molecular biology assays of cloned GUS marker gene activity and transfection. This sensitive, cell-permeant β-glucuronidase substrate can be used for live cell and tissue assays.

Technical Data
SKU M0969
Unit Size 2mg
Absorption 300nm
Emission Wavelength 514
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₃₄H₃₂O₁₇
Molecular Weight 712.61
Soluble In H2O, DMSO, MeOH
Storage Conditions -20C, Desiccated
Notes Emission of the fluorescein fluorophore (EX 488nm/EM 512nm) released upon beta-glucuronidase enzyme activity.

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