MarkerGene™ Fluorescent No-Wash Cell Count Normalization Kit

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This kit provides a simple and ultrasensitive method of measuring cell number for medium to high-throughput cell-based assays.

Medium to high-throughput cell-based assays often require well-to-well normalization in order to quantitate the data generated. In most cases, this normalization requires knowledge of the cell density, or relative number of cells per well. The cell density has been represented by a variety of methods including manual counting using a hemacytometer with or without Trypan blue staining, as well as measuring the DNA content of the cells. In this kit, the ultrasensitive DNA binding bis-benzamide dye is used to stain the nuclear DNA. As opposed to other methods this staining does not require lysis of the cells so can be used in parallel with the main assay with few additional steps.

This assay kit contains all of the reagents for performing up to 1000 assays, i.e. 80 plates using a 24-well format. The assays can also be adapted for use with 96-well, 12-well and 6-well formats. In addition, the kit provides a detailed protocol and references for use.

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SKU M1745
Unit Size 1kit
Detection Method Fluorescence

References and Citations


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