Fluorescent and Luminescent Tools for Life Science

Featured Products

M1623 M0259 M1890 M1049 M1931 M1898
M1623 OliGlo™Cy3 FISH Kit.
M0259 MarkerGene™ in vivo lacZ -Galactosidase Intracellular Detection Kit.
M1890 MarkerGene™ Dyrect JC-1 Mito Health Assay Kit .
M1049 MarkerGene™ Live Cell Fluorescent ROS Detection Kit.
M1931 SophiaGreen™ 421.
M1898 MarkerGene™ Opti-Klear™ Live Cell Imaging Buffer .

Our Focus

  • Patented fluorescent and red shifted luminescent live cell assays
  • Novel nucleic acid labeling kits and stains
  • Reporter gene vectors and substrates for plant and mammalian studies
  • Fluorescent reagents and kits for microscopy, ELISAs, flow cytometry and microplate analysis.

For more information call 1-541-342-3760 or Toll Free 1-888-218-4062(8-5pm PST M-F) or email us.

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Novel Products

We develop innovative, new products for the biotechnology and medical industries. The company has received a number of competitive grant awards for its work in genetic disease diagnosis, cancer research and therapeutic discovery from the National Institutes of Health as well as funding from the National Science Foundation for new uses of marker genes for agricultural biotechnology, cell culturing, bacteriology and basic research applications. Contact us for more information about our work in these areas.

The company has a staff of highly trained professionals with expertise in the areas of enzymology, carbohydrate chemistry and biology, organic synthesis, fluorescence biochemistry, molecular biology, DNA labeling and sequencing, subcloning, Northern blotting, Western blotting, cell culture, gel electrophoresis of DNA, RNA, and proteins, cell viability assays, bacterial detection, and related areas. ...more

Custom Synthesis

Trust our artisanal chemistry for synthesis of your reagent needs in the general areas of fluorescent dyes, live and fixed cell assays, luminescent and fluorescent gene reporters and their substrates. Scan our website for the complete range of nearly 300 commercially available dyes and kits. Tell us what your needs are and we will provide a quote.

We can provide:   

✓High quality, high purity reagents.
✓Fast turnaround on quotes and product delivery.
✓Flexibility in unit sizes and scale.
✓Packaged in your bottles, or ours.
✓State-of-the art chemical synthesis and technical expertise.
✓Excellent cost management with our competitive pricing.

Visit our custom synthesis page to submit your request for a quote or call us at 1-541-342-3760.