L-Alanine 4-nitroanilide hydrochloride

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Substrate for L-alanine aminopeptidase.

L-alanine aminopeptidase is an enzyme localized in the bacterial cell wall which cleaves the amino acid L-alanine from various peptides. Significant activity is found almost only in Gram-negative microorganisms, all Gram-positive or Gram-variable microorganisms so far studied display no or very weak activity. The aminopeptidase test thus provides a reliable method for determining the Gram behavior of microorganisms. L-alanine-4-nitroanilide is split by L-alanine aminopeptidase into L-alanine and 4-nitroaniline. The latter compound causes the bacterial suspension to turn yellow.

Technical Data
SKU M5083
CAS Number 31796-55-1
Unit Size 2.5 g
Molecular Formula C9H12ClN3O3
Molecular Weight 245.67

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