MarkerGene™ Fluorescent Golgi Labeling Kit

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Easy to use Golgi Apparatus labeling kit for use in live cell applications.

The Golgi apparatus is an important organelle present in plant and animal cells.  It is responsible for posttranslational modifications of proteins received from the endoplasmic reticulum and subsequent delivery to the appropriate cellular location such as the cytoplasm, lysosomes or endosomes.  One of the classic methods of localizing the Golgi apparatus in live cells via fluorescence microscopy is staining with C6-NBD-ceramide. Marker Gene Technologies, Inc. has now adapted this technique into a convenient dried formulation that simply requires the addition of sterile deionized water to make a 100X stock solution.

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SKU M2018
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Detection Method Fluorescence
Notes Coming soon, please email or call us at 1-541-342-3760 for more info.

References and Citations


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