4-Methylumbelliferyl β-D-galactopyranoside (MUG)

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Bright blue fluorogenic β-galactosidase substrate, especially useful for in vitro assays of cloned lacZ expression.

This fluorogenic substrate is especially useful for in vitro assays of β-galactosidase activity arising from cloned lacZ expression in mammalian cells.

Technical Data
SKU M0241
CAS Number 6160-78-7
Unit Size 1g
Absorption 316nm
Emission Wavelength 376
Extinction 14
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₁₆H₁₈O₈
Molecular Weight 338.3
Soluble In H2O, DMSO
Storage Conditions -20C, Desiccated
Notes Absorbance 360nm/Emission 449nm/E 19K of product 4-methylumbelliferone after enzyme hydrolysis.

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