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High copy number eukaryotic vector, pCMVLuxB, expresses the beta subunit of luciferase encoded by the bacterium Vibrio harveyi. When paired with pCMVLuxA M1306, luminescence can be produced in mammalian cell systems.

Bacterial luciferase is a heterodimeric protein, requiring an alpha and beta subunit for functional enzymatic activity. The LuxAB system can be used to monitor expression of two cloned genes using one reporter. Expression is under the control of the cytomegalovirus immediate early gene (CMV IE) promoter. LuxB expression is enhanced by the featured Kozak sequence, Splice Donor/Acceptor site (SV40 SD/SA) and SV40 late polyadenylylation signal. pCMVLuxB expression vector also contains the β-lactamase gene, which acts as a selection marker (100μg/mL ampicillin resistance) in E. coli host. In addition, the LuxB gene can be excised using the flanking NotI sites to allow the insertion of other genes to be expressed under the same regulatory elements in mammalian cells.

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  • Ronald SL et al. (1990) "Construction of broad-host-range vectors for the selection of divergent promoters." Gene 90: 145-148.
  • Patterson SS, Dionisi HM, Gupta RK, Sayler GS (2005) "Codon optimization of bacterial luciferase (lux) for expression in mammalian cells" J. Indust. Microbio. and Biotech. 32(3): 115-123.
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