Propidium iodide

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Excellent counterstain for DNA and chromatin, providing a good contrast when used in combination with green-fluorescent antibodies, or substrates.

Propidium iodide is among the most common red-fluorescent nuclear stains for use in fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry applications including monitoring cell death. It can also be excited using excitation filters appropriate for green-fluorescent dyes. Green-fluorescent signals appear yellow when overlapping the red counterstaining. See also our M0795 Live:Dead/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit for information about the use of propidium iodide in viability assay systems. Propidium iodide is membrane impermeant, and thus does not stain live cells. It also exhibits low background fluorescence from RNA samples in gels and in solution. Each unit contains 150 μL of a 2 mM solution in 1:4 DMSO:H2O.

Technical Data
SKU M0793
CAS Number 25535-16-4
Unit Size 150μl
Absorption 482nm
Emission Wavelength 636
Extinction 5.4
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₂₇H₃;₄N₄I₂
Molecular Weight 668.4
Soluble In H2O, DMSO
Storage Conditions 2-8C, Protect From Light
Notes Upon binding of propidium iodide to nucleic acids, the maximum excitation and emission wavelengths become EX 536 nm and EM 617 nm, respectively.

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