Reactive Oxygen Species

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are a normal consequence of cellular activity, but under stress, levels can increase leading to oxidative damage to proteins, nucleic acid and lipids. Excessive ROS burden has been implicated in a variety of diseases, from cancer and stroke to atherosclerosis and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease. Marker Gene Technologies, Inc provides the most reliable and time tested reagents for following ROS changes in live cells as well as Rose Bengal for efficient production of ROS as a control.

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  1. meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin 99+%

    meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin 99+%


    Sensitizer used for the photochemical generation of singlet oxygen. Many metal complexes have been developed with this highly purified TPP. Learn More
  2. Dihydrorhodamine 123

    Dihydrorhodamine 123


    Fluorescent peroxidase substrate. One of the most widely used Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) probes for intracellular measurement and analysis. Learn More
  3. Rose bengal diacetate

    Rose bengal diacetate


    This diacetate derivative of rose bengal exhibits greatly improved membrane permeability, allowing it to accumulate intracellularly where esterase activity releases the active rose bengal photosensitizer. Learn More
  4. 2', 7'-Dichlorofluorescin diacetate

    2', 7'-Dichlorofluorescin diacetate


    Reduced derivative of 2',7'-dichlorofluorescein is a cell permeable reagent for use in detection of peroxidase activity (oxidative metabolism, intracellular regulation of reactive oxygen species or oxidative burst) inside living cells. Learn More
  5. MarkerGene™ Live Cell Fluorescent Reactive Oxygen Species Detection Kit

    MarkerGene™ Live Cell Fluorescent Reactive Oxygen Species Detection Kit


    This kit provides all necessary reagents, buffers and a detailed protocol for the detection of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS, peroxidase activity) in live cells. Learn More
  6. 5(6)-Carboxyeosin



    Brominated analog of carboxyfluorescein that is a useful photosensitizer and singlet oxygen generator. Learn More

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