Resorufin Cellobioside

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Fluorogenic substrate for detection of cellulase activity. Cellulase assays are widely used in the biofuels industry.

Resorufin cellobioside is a cellulase substrate that releases the highly fluorescent dye resorufin (EX/EM 571/585 nm) upon enzyme activity. Since resorufin has a low pKa value, enzyme measurements can be obtained at low pH values, similar to physiological pH's found for many cellulases. Cellulase assays are widely used in the biofuels industry.

Technical Data
SKU M1238
Unit Size 5mg
Absorption 571nm
Emission Wavelength 585
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₂₄H₂₇NO₁₃
Molecular Weight 537.47

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