Sulforhodamine 101

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Red fluorophore standard widely used in neurological staining experiments and enzyme assay systems.

Sulforhodamine 101 has a longer absorption wavelength than does sulforhodamine B and G. Like sulforhodamine B and G, in addition to potential use in cancer drug screening, these fluorescent dyes have been primarily used as polar tracers for the studies of neuronal cell morphology and cell-cell communications. In neurophysiological experiments when combined with calcium imaging, SR101 can be used for a counterstaining of astrocytes in order to analyze data from neurons separately. However, in addition to labeling astrocytes, SR101 can label myelinating oligodendrocytes. It has also found wide utility in enzyme assay systems. The sulfonyl chloride derivative of sulforhodamine 101, known as Texas RedTM, is used for conjugation to a number of functional groups, especially primary amines. in proteins and peptides.

Technical Data
SKU M1279
CAS Number 60311-02-6
Unit Size 5mg
Absorption 578nm
Emission Wavelength 605
Detection Method Fluorescence
Molecular Formula C₃₁H₃₀N₂O₇S₂
Molecular Weight 606.71
Storage Conditions Room Temperature

References and Citations


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