MarkerGene™ TAMRA Antibody/Protein/Cell Labeling Kit

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Provides reagents and methods to simply and quickly label antibodies or other proteins with the amine-reactive dye 5(6)-carboxytetramethylrhodamine.

Direct labeling of a primary antibody eliminates the need to use a secondary Ab, providing lower background and higher sensitivity. The TAMRA dye provided in this kit forms the desired dye-protein conjugates by reacting with the primary amines of proteins, giving absorption and emission maxima of 565nm and 580nm, respectively. The kit contains enough reagents for 5 labelings, including buffers, solvents, and a detailed protocol for use. Please contact our technical services department for further information.

Technical Data
SKU M0972
Unit Size 1kit
Detection Method Fluorescence

References and Citations


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