About Us

Marker Gene Technologies' mission is to provide innovative new products for the biotechnology and medical industries at the highest quality and with affordable prices for our customers. The company has received a number of competitive grant awards for its work in cancer research and therapeutics from the National Institutes of Health as well as funding from the National Science Foundation for new uses of Marker Genes for agricultural biotechnology, cell culturing, bacteriology and basic research applications. Contact us for more information about our work in these areas.

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Marker Gene has a staff of highly trained professionals with expertise in the areas of carbohydrate chemistry and biology, organic synthesis, fluorescence chemistry, molecular biology, DNA sequencing, subcloning, Northern blotting, Western blotting, cell culture, gel electrophoresis of DNA, RNA, and proteins, cell viability assays, bacterial detection, and related areas.

For over 20 years Marker Gene Technologies, Inc. has strived to provide the best quality reagents and assay kits to researchers, as scientists ourselves we understand how important it is that assays work first time and every time and this is reflected in the stringent quality controls and purity standards of our products.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and providing reliable delivery so that you the customer can rest assured that you're making a good choice when you buy from Marker Gene Technologies, Inc.


Dr. John J. Naleway
President, CEO  - Ph.D. Biochemistry, Adjunct faculty member in the Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon.

Timothy L. McCutcheon
Legal Counsel - MS Biology, J.D., University of Oregon, corporate and patent attorney with extensive science background.

Michael J. Ignatius
Product Development Director - Ph.D. Neuroscience, Stanford University.

Fiona K. Harlan
Director of Biology - BSc Hons. Biological Sciences (Genetics), University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Alisa A. Naleway 
Chief Operating Officer - MS, Bio-organic Chemistry, University of Alberta-Edmonton