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Marker Gene Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of high quality products for many areas of life science. We offer several different enzyme substrates covering multiple different detection methods. 

Choose from a number of convenient assay kits designed to help you do great science. We also offer a number of standard fluorophores and fluorescent probes to help with your research.


If you have any questions about our products or would like some help in selecting the best product for your research  get in touch.

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  1. Texas Red®-XX-SE
    Texas Red®-XX-SE Please order via

    Product size: 5 mg

    This amine-reactive Sulforhodamine 101-XX, succinimidyl ester (Equivalent to Texas Red® -X, succinimidyl ester, Trade Mark of Molecular Probes) can be used to create bright red-fluorescent bioconjugates with excitation/emission maxima at 595 and 615 nm respectively. The extra long linking arm assures the brightest signal without interfering with protein/antibody activity. Learn More

    Product ID: M2965

  2. FionaGreen™ 2X qPCR MasterMix
    FionaGreen™ 2X qPCR MasterMix Please order via

    Product size: 1mL

    Easy to use 2X master mix for qPCR applications Learn More

    Product ID: M2954

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