β-Galactosidase, an important reporter gene marker encoded by lacZ, is commonly used for monitoring transfection efficiency in mammalian, yeast, and bacterial cells and identifying expression of recombinant fusion genes. E. coli β-galactosidase has a high turnover rate, hydrolyzing D-galactose from various β-galactosides, which allows for very low level detection in common cell types. β-Galactosidase substrates can also be used in conjunction with galactosidase-conjugated secondary detection agents in enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) formats and in immunohistochemical techniques.

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  1. M5284 large

    Product size: 1g

    Cell-permeant competitive reversible inhibitor of beta-galactosidase activity. Learn More

    Product ID: M5284

  2. C12FDG (5-Dodecanoylaminofluorescein di-β-D-galactopyranoside)
    C12FDG (5-Dodecanoylaminofluorescein di-β-D-galactopyranoside)

    Product size: 5mg

    Lipophilic Β-galactosidase substrate. Learn More

    Product ID: M2888

  3. Acridine Orange
    Acridine Orange

    Product size: 10 mg

    Acridine Orange is a lysomotropic probe that can also be used for analysis of autophagy and to label DNA in living cells. Learn More

    Product ID: M1851

  4. AlisaRed™

    Product size: 1 mg

    AlisaRed™ is a very useful redox substrate that reacts with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of HRP to produce the highly fluorescent dye resorufin with red emission (585 nm). The AlisaRed™ system can be coupled with other enzymes for ultrasensitive quantitation of a diverse assortment of analytes. Learn More

    Product ID: M1787

  5. MarkerGene™ Cell Proximity Assay Kit
    MarkerGene™ Cell Proximity Assay Kit

    Product size:

    Easy to use kit to determine cell-cell interactions and proximity. Learn More

    Product ID: M2751

  6. RubyGlow™ Glo-Gal™ β-Galactosidase Assay Kit
    RubyGlow™ Glo-Gal™ β-Galactosidase Assay Kit

    Product size: 1kit

    By coupling the β-Gal assay to the highly sensitive luciferase enzyme lacZ activity can be measured quickly and easy down to extremely low levels of expression. The most sensitive lacZ method available. Learn More

    Product ID: M1968

  7. pDC99 Mammalian Luciferase Expression Vector
    pDC99 Mammalian Luciferase Expression Vector

    Product size: 20ug

    High copy number eukaryotic vector, pDC99 expresses a mutant luciferase gene under the control of the Simian virus 40Early Core (SV40) promoter. This vector encodes a mutant enzyme that catalyzes the production of long wavelength (red) light (Em:605) from D-luciferin, M0237. Learn More

    Product ID: M1395

  8. MarkerGene™ β-Galactosidase Staining Kit
    MarkerGene™ β-Galactosidase Staining Kit

    Product size: 1kit

    Can be used to monitor and detect enzyme activity in stably or transiently transfected cells or transgenic tissues using the sensitive chromogenic substrate 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-β-D-galactopyranoside (X-Gal). Learn More

    Product ID: M1352

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