Biological Probes

Nile Red Staining

 Biological probes are broken down into the following categories:

Carbohydrates and Oligosaccharides

Interesting and useful carbohydrates and carbohydrate detection agents for molecular biology applications. 

Fluorescent Reagents

High purity fluorophores for use in cell biology, enzymology and many other biomolecule labeling applications. 


Fluorescent and specialty lipids for use in Cell Biology and Enzymology applications.

Standard Fluorophores

High Purity Fluorophores for use as standards for Cell Biology and Enzymology applications.

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  1. Indocyanine Green
    Indocyanine Green

    Product size: 5mg

    Negatively charged dye that forms fluorescent complexes with proteins.

    Learn More

    Product ID: M0286

  2. Calcium Green™, hexapotassium salt - equivalent
    Calcium Green™, hexapotassium salt - equivalent
    Out of stock

    Product size: 0.5 mg

    Cell-impermeant, quantitative Calcium ion indicator with high affinity and low background fluorescence. Learn More

    Product ID: M0401

  3. DyRect™ Live-Cell  Neutral Lipid Imaging Kit
    DyRect™ Live-Cell Neutral Lipid Imaging Kit

    Product size: 1 kit

    This easy to use kit fluorescently labels both neutral and polar lipids in live cells. When stained with this imaging kit, neutral lipids will fluoresce green while polar lipids like phospholipids will fluoresce red. Any free dye not associated with lipid remains non-fluorescent. Can by used with flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy. Learn More

    Product ID: M2675

  4. small5312
    Thioflavin T

    Product size: 25mg

    Thioflavin-T (ThT) has become among the most widely used dyes for selectively staining and identifying amyloid fibrils both in vitro and in vivo. Learn More

    Product ID: M5312

  5. 5-Carboxyfluorescein di-Acetate, Methyl ester
    5-Carboxyfluorescein di-Acetate, Methyl ester

    Product size: 10 mg

    Brightly fluorescent, membrane permeable esterase substrate for monitoring cell viability, bacterial counts, fungal analysis or for water purity testing. Learn More

    Product ID: M0279

  6. D-Xylose

    Product size: 10 g

    High Purity monosaccharide Learn More

    Product ID: M5297

  7. Xylitol

    Product size: 100 g

    Sugar Alcohol Learn More

    Product ID: M5296

  8. 4-Nitrophenyl-beta-D-galactopyranoside-6-phosphate, bis(cyclohexylammonium) salt
    4-Nitrophenyl-beta-D-galactopyranoside-6-phosphate, bis(cyclohexylammonium) salt

    Product size: 0.25 g

    4-Nitrophenyl-beta-D-galactopyranoside-6-phosphate, bis(cyclohexylammonium) salt is used as affinity label, label, Learn More

    Product ID: M5269

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