Contract Research

Let us help you with your project...

Marker Gene Technologies, Inc. has the expertise to perform contract research with you on your project. We have worked with many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies on successful, patented projects.

Contract Research and Development Capabilities in the following areas:

  • Enzymological assay development and in vivo analysis.
  • Drug design, synthesis, and in vitro testing in human cell culture.
  • Enzyme substrate/coupled assay, design, and synthesis.
  • Enzyme inhibitor design, synthesis, and inhibition assays.
  • in vivo assay development and testing in-house.
  • Chromogenic, chemiluminescent, and fluorescence based technologies.
  • New uses for marker genes in vivo (Research, Diagnostics, Therapeutics).
  • Specializing in carbohydrate, peptide, and nucleic acid chemistries.
  • Quick turn-around for initial efficacy trials (usually 90 days or less).
  • Joint Government (SBIR) Proposal Collaborations.
  • Extensive experience in patent preparation and filings.



Contact us by telephone at 1-541-342-3760 or FAX us at (541) 342-1960.

or you can contact us by e-mail for more information.