Marker Gene Technologies, Inc. provides a variety of fluorescent and specialty lipids for use in Cell Biology and Enzymology applications.

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  1. DyRect™ Live-Cell  Neutral Lipid Imaging Kit
    DyRect™ Live-Cell Neutral Lipid Imaging Kit

    Product size: 1 kit

    This easy to use kit fluorescently labels both neutral and polar lipids in live cells. When stained with this imaging kit, neutral lipids will fluoresce green while polar lipids like phospholipids will fluoresce red. Any free dye not associated with lipid remains non-fluorescent. Can by used with flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy. Learn More

    Product ID: M2675

  2. Esculin

    Product size: 10 g

    Bile esculin test is used for the detection and enumeration of intestinal enterococci. Learn More

    Product ID: M5183

  3. Esculetin-7-beta-D-galactopyranoside

    Product size: 50 mg

    Selection Substrate Learn More

    Product ID: M5182

  4. Esculetin

    Product size: 10 g

    Inhibitor Learn More

    Product ID: M5181

  5. n-Dodecyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside

    Product size: 0.1 g

    n-Dodecyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside is used as chiral reagent, detergent, ether, monosaccharide, Learn More

    Product ID: M5176

  6. BODIPY®* TR-X, SE equivalent
    BODIPY®* TR-X, SE equivalent

    Product size: 5 mg

    Activated amine-reactive neutral fluorescent probe. Learn More

    Product ID: M4531

  7. DiOC₆(3)

    Product size: 100mg

    DiOC₆(3) is a cell-permeant, lipophilic dye that stains internal membranes of both live and fixed cells, such as the mitochondrial, Golgi and endoplasmic reticulum membranes. Staining patterns are concentration dependent. Learn More

    Product ID: M1843

  8. Nile Red
    Nile Red

    Product size: 10mg

    Lipophilic dye that stains intracellular lipid droplets to produce a bright red fluorescence in live cells. Learn More

    Product ID: M1441

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