MarkerGene™ LysoLive™ Lysosomal β-Glucosidase Assay Kit

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This kit utilizes the sensitive substrate GlucGreen™ to monitor beta-glucosidase activity in the lysosomes of live cells.

Lysosomal beta-glucosidase enzyme is currently indicated to be involved in diseases such as Gaucher and Parkinson’s diseases. MarkerGene™ LysoLive™ Lysosomal beta-Glucosidase Assay Kit utilizes a substrate which only becomes fluorescent upon cleavage by the enzyme meaning lysosomes with low beta-Glucosidase (GBA) activity will exhibit reduced staining in a manner proportional to the enzyme activity levels in the cell. 

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Corporate entity: Marker Gene Technologies, Inc., Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Publications Using This Product
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Product Data
Product ID M2775
Unit Size 1 kit
Availability In Stock
Detection Method Fluorescence
Storage Conditions -20C, Protect From Light
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