OEM Opportunities

Why OEM?

As a partnering company, you can ensure you’re ideally positioned to meet the needs of your customers with OEM Services. Draw on our 300 catalog products, including a wide selection of reagents and unique products such as red shifted Luciferase. Choose Marker Gene Technologies, Inc for flexibility in manufacturing scale and cost efficiency to deliver high-quality products. By using our OEM services you can:

  • Avoid large outlays of capital
  • Reduce your work force
  • Optimize your product catalog, get the best products first
  • Find technical expertise


Just Your Size

Big or small makes no difference, be it a generic or highly specialized material, size doesn’t matter. We guarantee you the highest-quality reagents made to your specification —with customizable scale, packaging and assembly.

High End Manufacturing

Our craft chemistry department is the core of Marker Gene Technologies, Inc. Our Custom OEM Service puts this expertise and facility at the heart of your business. With over 25 years of combined manufacturing experience we can offer:

  • Innovation–The ability to synthesis novel compounds
  • Flexibility–Customized scale and formulation of your product
  • Reproducibility–Stringent quality control


On Schedule, Your Schedule.

With one of the lowest back order rates in the industry we are ready to send you your products. Once your product is packaged and assembled, we ship it directly to you. By partnering with Marker Gene Technologies, Inc, you need not worry about large expenditure on equipment, facilities, or raw materials. Our OEM Services offer ideal allocation of resources and time; better for your bottom line.

Build a Long Term Relationship

With OEM Services from Marker Gene Technologies, Inc, your top supplier for quality life science products, there’s no end to the possibilities. Together we can build a relationship that lasts.

Contact Information

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