Opti-Bryt™ Perm Antifade Mount

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Anti-fade mountant suitable for long term storage of slides.

One of the most commonly faced problems in fluorescent microscopy is photobleaching of dyes that occurs during imaging.  The high power and focused beam of a laser-scanning confocal microscope (LSCM) can cause rapid fading of a specimen’s fluorescence as compared to a conventional epifluorescent microscope which essentially bathes the entire specimen in lower-power, wide-beam excitatory light. Because of the high intensity of common laser or light sources, photobleaching can occur even after only very short periods of time.

Fluorophores are essentially destroyed by the high energy light during the observation process.  This leads to imaging that must be performed rapidly, not allowing for fine adjustments of focus or changes to the region of imaging  interest. The use of a mountant containing an antifade reagent is recommended to combat photobleaching. The use of an antifade reagent can significantly slow this fading process, allowing longer observation times in fluorometry and improved pattern recognition. 

Opti-Bryt™ Perm Antifade Mount offers the following features: 

  • Can be imaged immediately or hardens to refractive index of 1.47 over several days.
  • Excellent antifade properties across the visible spectrum, including all traditional FITC, rhodamine, cyanine and Alexa Fluor ® dyes.
  • Reduces photobleaching even under high intensity illumination
  • By offering this antifade in 3 x 5 ml aliquots researchers need only bring one vial to room temperature, sparing the other vials the detrimental effects of temperature cycles. In this way the useful life of our mountant is extended.
  • In our experiments, actin staining with FITC that was protected with Opti-Bryt™ Perm Antifade Mount could be imaged with only marginal decline in signal after 15 minutes continuous illumination with a 40x objective.
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Product ID M3066
Unit Size 3 x 5mL
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