Opti-Klear™ Live Cell Imaging Buffer

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30mL/5X concentrate
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HEPES based imaging buffer formulated to lower background fluorescence, maintain proper pH and osmolarity for hours at 37°, provide an energy source and preserve fluorescent signals. Shipped as 5X sterile filtered concentrate.
An ideal substitute for growth media for all extended live cell imaging sessions.
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Publications Using This Product
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  • Goldfless SJ, Wagner JC, Niles JC. (2014) "Versatile control of Plasmodium falciparum gene expression with an inducible protein-RNA interaction." Nat Commun. 5:5329.
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Product Data
Product ID M1898
Unit Size 30mL/5X concentrate
Availability In Stock
Storage Conditions 2-8C, Protect From Light
Notes “Yes -- we used it. It greatly reduces background -- I have already told a number of colleagues about it. Since it is 5x, a bottle can last for a while.” Dr. Aryeh Weiss, Faculty of Engineering Bar Ilan University, Israel
Fisher Scientific 50-447-704
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